Alan Autry was born in Shreveport, Louisiana on July 31, 1952. He was the only child of a farm worker family that moved six times in five years working in the fields of the San Joaquin Valley. A star quarterback in high school, Autry won a scholarship and was drafted by the Green Bay Packers. After his playing days ended he made his way to Hollywood to be an actor, starring in films and television. He is best known for his role as Captain Bubba Skinner on the long running television series In The Heat Of The Night.  In 2000 he decided it was time to give back by stepping away from Hollywood and running for the mayor of Fresno, California. He was elected with over 62% of the vote and was re-elected to a second term in 2004 with over 72% of the vote. After leaving office he returned to acting, directing and producing as well as founding CenCal Mentoring Academy, a non-profit that serves at-risk students throughout the California school system.  Alan and his wife Kimberlee have three children, Lauren, Heather and Austin. They also have one grandchild, Kaden.


Alan Autry was born as Carlos Alan Autry in Shreveport, Louisiana on July 31, 1952. His parents, Carl and Verna Brown Autry divorced soon after and Verna took 11 month old Carlos to Tulare, California to start a new life. Mother and soon moved in with her parents, Floyd and Martha Brown, as well as several of Verna’s siblings. Over the next several years young Carlos and his grandfather became very close. When it came time to enter kindergarten Verna made the decision to enroll him as Carlos Brown.  When he turned six, his mother married Joe Duty, a farm worker from Texas and the family moved frequently to follow the crops. By the time Carlos was in the fifth grade he had been in six schools in five years with one of the moves being to Gila Bend, Arizona. When he turned  11, the family moved to Riverdale, California where his father found steady work at Hillspride Farms. His mother worked in the fields and as a housekeeper for the owners of the farm.


Carlos Brown/Alan Autry was a star quarterback for the Riverdale High School football team, and upon graduation in 1970, received a scholarship to the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. His sophomore year he ranked 10th in the nation in passing. He sat out nearly his entire junior year due to a devastating knee injury he suffered in the team’s opening game against the University of Washington. When he was healthy enough to play again the team had become primarily a running team and he wound up being moved to tight end. Despite the injury and the move to tight end, the Green Bay Packers drafted him in the 1975 draft. He played two seasons for the Pack and to quote Autry,” I had a great career going until they put me in.”


In 1978 Autry (still known as Carlos Brown) was cast in a small role by Robert Altman in the Alan Rudolph film, Remember My Name. In 1981 he landed a major role in Walter Hill’s film, Southern Comfort. It was during the shooting of this film in Shreveport, Louisiana, that he found his biological father, Carl Autry, and they reconnected. Soon after, he changed his name back to Autry and took his middle name, Alan, as his first. During the 1980’s Autry made guest appearances on numerous television series, including Cheers, The A-Team, Dukes of Hazzard and Newhart. In 1988 he landed the role of Bubba Skinner on the hit series In The Heat Of The Night. He started his own production in the late nineties. Some of his productions include the faith based western, FORGIVEN and THE LEGEND OF JAKE KINCADE which is the director’s cut of Forgiven. The company has also produced CHOICES, a series with each episode having a new cast and story but focusing on one main theme: the choices that people make and the effect those choices have on themselves and others. The first episode centers on a young girl facing some of the temptations that come with being in high school. The series is clean but hard hitting , truthful and is meant to be watched by the entire family, in particular parents and young people who are in high school or soon to be there. All of the above films are available in the STORE section of this website.


In November of 2000, Autry was elected mayor of Fresno, California. He was re-elected in 2004 with more than 72% of the vote. As mayor, he maintained a balanced budget while creating a 20 million dollar reserve without cutting municipal jobs. While in office Fresno’s crime rate plummeted to a 50 year low. Autry credits the drop do what he calls the “hammer and hope” approach. This approach consists of a zero tolerance policy for violent crime combined with intervention programs designed to help gang members and parolees leave the life of crime behind and become law abiding, productive citizens. During his tenure he became a “water warrior” for the San Joaquin Valley and was appointed to several boards by Governor Schwarzenegger and President Bush including the State Film Commission and the federal Historical Preservation Commission.


Today Autry is active in many areas. His faith based film VICTORY BY SUBMISSION will be released in early 2017. He is also founder of the non-profit CEN-CAL MENTORING ACADEMY which provides mentoring and life coaching to thousands of at-risk youth throughout California.